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 936 har set denne side ialt,  1 har set denne side i dag

Her er en komplet liste af de Go citater, som tilfældigt optræder på forsiden. De er taget fra få forskellige steder på nettet, men jeg synes de er værd, at have samlet her på en dansk hjemmeside om Go.

Just one game,” they said, and started to play — that was yesterday.
– Chinese proverb

Success at go requires the tactic of the soldier, the exactness of the mathematician, the imagination of the artist, the inspiration of the poet, the calm of the philosopher, and the greatest intelligence.
– Zhang Yunqi

Gentlemen should not waste their time on trivial games — they should study go.
– Confucius, The Analects, ca. 500 B.C.E.

Go is all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
– Anonymous

Go is all that matters. Well, there are other things in life, but they are gote and worth less than 10 points.
– Anonymous

More than a contest, go is an art. Therefore I always think about new moves and new ideas. That’s natural if you want to genuinely plumb the mysteries of go.
– Kikuchi Yasuro

Go is harmony.
-Go Seigen

Amateurs’ go comes from pleasure, professionals’ go comes from suffering.
-Kageyama Toshiro

Go is a world of harmony between yin and yang
– Go Seigen

Go “IS about the order of moves”.
– Rin Kaiho

Genetically we are all more than 99.9% identical; the only remaining issues for future humanity seem premised upon how well they play Go.
– Jumangi

God does not play dice with the universe, he plays Go.
– W. Taylor

All you are is the go you play.
– Hotta Yumi

The aim of go is relative advantage; the game is played all over the board, and the objective is to increase one’s options and reduce those of the adversary. The goal is less victory than persistent strategic progress.
– Dr. Henry Kissinger, quoted in Newsweek, 11/8/04

Studying go is a wonderful way to develop both the creative as well as the logical abilities of children because to play it both sides of the brain are necessary.
– Cho Chikun

The board is a window to the human mind. Whether we want to or not it draws a picture of our thoughts and reveals what is inside us.
– Goban craftsman, The Surrounding Game documentary

Go is science, art and game. Those chosen few may enter the Eternal Hall of Fame only, who combine the scientific precision, the artistic improvisation and the spiritual joy of the game in themselves.
– Kajiwara Takeo at the European Go Congress in Budapest, 1986

The subtleties of this game are beyond the reach of the lazy, its triumph is too exquisite for the vulgar and materialistic man…
– Herbert A. Giles, Wei-chi, or the Chinese game of war, in Temple Bar, England

Go uses the most elemental materials and concepts — line and circle, wood and stone, black and white — combining them with simple rules to generate subtle strategies and complex tactics that stagger the imagination.
– Iwamoto Kaoru, 9-dan professional Go player and former Honinbo title holder

A few moments to learn, a lifetime to master.
– Ancient Proverb

The rules of go are so elegant, organic, and rigorously logical that if intelligent life forms exist elsewhere in the universe, they almost certainly play go.
– Edward Lasker, Chess world champion

Henrik Falk

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